Strandgaarden, founded 1833 is one of Denmarks largest importer/distributor of wine and spirits. 1991 the company created their own product called Hot n' Sweet, which quickly became a well known brand in Germany, Norway, Finland, The Netherlands and Sweden.

Hot n' Sweet at Systembolaget

Norkap at Systembolaget

Strandgaarden Wine & Spirits

Norkap Akvavit Norkap Akvavit Norkap Akvavit Norkap Akvavit

Norkap Akvavit

Product spesification

  • Origin: Denmark
  • Producer: Strandgaarden
  • Article number: 87615-01
  • Alcohol (%): 37,5
  • Size (ml): 700
  • Produced: Seasoned with the classic Akvavit spices; Cumin, Fennel and Dill, also with Sea Buckthorn, Angelica and salt from Läsö.
  • Suitable as: Served cold with classic Scandinavian seafood.
  • Taste description: Cumin, Fennel and Dill with a hint of salt