Svedka Vodka has been making its mark since it was first imported in 1998. It's now the largest imported vodka and the 7th spirit brand in the United States. And its popularity keeps growing.

Imported to the US from Sweden – a country that has been perfecting vodka for centuries – Svedka Vodka is proudly named after its country of origin. Svedka is a mix of the word "Svenska"(meaning "Swedish") and "Vodka" (derived from the Slavic word "voda"). As these two words are combined, Svedka is a name as catchy as it is clever – fitting for a brand renowned for its character, quality, and value.

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Svedka Vodka Svedka Vodka Svedka Vodka Svedka Vodka

Svedka Vodka

Product spesification

  • Origin: Sweden
  • Producer: L.O. Smith
  • Article number: 86180-01
  • Alcohol (%): 40
  • Size (ml): 700
  • Produced: Distilled 5 times, made from winter wheat.
  • Suitable as: Served cold as a shot or base for cocktails
  • Taste description: Soft with a sweetness from wheat.